Governance Overview

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Corporate Governance Practices

As a French société anonyme listed on the regulated market of Euronext in Paris, we are subject to various corporate governance requirements under French law. In addition, as a foreign private issuer listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market, we are subject to the Nasdaq corporate governance listing standards. 

We have a two-tier corporate governance system consisting of an executive board (Directoire), which is responsible for managing the Company and a supervisory board (Conseil de Surveillance), which oversees the executive board. 

Executive Board

We are managed by an executive board under the control of a supervisory board. The members of the executive board determine the broad lines of our business activities and ensure their implementation.

Supervisory Board

The members of the supervisory board exercise control over the management of the executive board. The supervisory board operates pursuant to a separate charter adopted by its members on March 18, 2019.

We currently have four members of the supervisory board.

Governance Documents

We have adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code of Conduct”) that is applicable to all of our, and our subsidiaries', employees, executive board members and supervisory board members.

Our supervisory board has established an audit committee and an appointments and compensation committee, each of which operates pursuant to a separate charter.

Our audit committee monitors the questions relating to the processing and control of accounting and financial information. To this end, it ensures the quality of our internal controls and the reliability of information provided to shareholders and financial markets.

Our appointments and compensation committee provides recommendations and proposals to our executive and supervisory board members on the composition and compensation policies of our executive and supervisory boards, and also prepares any related reports to be provided by us.

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